• Best Comedy
  • Best Romance
  • Best Drama/Tragedy/Angst
  • Best Family/Friendship
  • Best Cullen
Any member of the Cullen family in any genre. (Bella/Edward stories are not accepted in this category).
    • Best Wolfpack One-Shot
    Any of the wolfpack members in any genre. Emily, Billy and all the imprints will be counted as humans. (Jacob/Bella stories are not accepted in this category).
    • Best Volturi One-Shot
    Any of the members of the Volturi in any genre.
    • Best Human One-Shot
    Any of the Humans in any genre (Mike, Angela, Billy, Emily, Charlie...)
    • Best Nomad One-shot
    Any of the vampires who are not the Cullens or the Volturi (James, Laurent, Victoria, Denali Coven, Riley, Benjamin, Peter, Bree...)
    • Best Bella/Edward
    • Best Bella/Jacob
    • Best Slash
    • Best Canon Couple
    Canon couples (Alice/Jasper, Emmett/Rosalie, Sam/Emily, Jared/Kim, Harry/Sue, Mike/Jessica, Victoria/James, etc.). It can be any genre. (Edward/Bella stories won't be accepted in this category).
    • Best Non-canon Couple
    Non-canon couples (Edward/Emily, Demetri/Leah, Jasper/Victoria, Mike/Bella, Angela/Paul...)
    • Best Imprint
    It can be canon or non-canon couples. It can be when Sam imprinted on Emily or a non canon where Paul imprints on Rosalie, etc. The subject of the one shot must be imprinting.
    • Best Missing Moment
    Any missing scene from any of the books. Example: Carlisle changing one of the Cullens, Sam breaking up with Leah, when Alice and Jasper met, the day one of the wolves phased for the first time, etc. Anything that wasn’t written in the books but we know it happened. Situated during Pre-Twilight, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, BD.