Welcome to The Single Shot Awards, the first and only awards’ site dedicated exclusively to One-Shots.

There are Awards for AH stories, even for the wolf-pack and vampires, but one-shots are always forgotten. We felt like we needed to create this to give the recognition the best Twilight one-shots around the fandom deserved.

Nomination Rules:

1. All stories have to be complete. (We won't accept any story that will be continued).
2. All the one-shots have to be 1,000-8,000 words. (We will not count author's notes into the word limit).
3. All stories have to be Twilight related.
4. Stories must be posted on FFnet or Twilighted.
5. Nominated stories should be grammatically correct. One-shots that contain text speak or errors that make them unreadable will be disqualified. If you feel like your story needs a Beta, you can contact Project Team Beta.
6. Stories should be nominated in the correct category. All one-shots nominated in the wrong categories will be disqualified.
7. Stories that include incest, pedophilia or other situation considered in poor taste will be disqualified.
8. Participants should not nominate their own story.
9. Once you nominate, you can’t take it back.
10. Nominate only one story per category.

All nominated one-shots will be validated (by the Validation Team) to make sure they meet the criteria for the category in which they are nominated.


Nominations: June 1st - June 17th
Voting: June 22nd - July 1st
Winners announcement: TBA